About Us

ClubSuite is a product of Hidden Spark Pty Ltd, an Australian based company. We have worked with Club Management solutions for the higher education sector since 2005 and have broadened our horizons in other areas.

Our Vision

Simplicity, power, and control. We build software that is simple and easy to use. Smart tools with intelligence to give power to our users. Flexibility so that users have full control.

The Power of One

With one system for many, benefits are shared. One vendor means that long term relationships are valued. Our experience in the industry means that we have a deep understanding of your needs and are always listening to your current and future needs.

Future Driven

In today’s competitive market, we build solutions that adapt to handle the rapid pace of change of technology. We embrace new technologies and innovation. You have our assurance that we will invest in your long-term success.

Have Your Say

ClubSuite is a customer driven tool where you can have your say. Vote or lodge your feature requests. Be a part of the ClubSuite family and suggest new features for the mutual benefit of all Australian universities.